These are meetings among coordinators also called CSB Team Leaders

- 05-08/12/2018 1st TPM in Rome (IT)

- 12-13/04/2019 2nd TPM in Kumanovo (MK)

- 18-19/09/2019 3rd TPM in Vilnius (LT)

- 16-17/01/2020 4th TPM in Tirana

- 1-4/07/2020 5th TPM in Soverato (IT) 

Prof. Umberto Triulzi, Economic and senior Professor at La Sapienza University of Rome



The 1st L.M in Roma (25-29/03/2019) has been a Learning Week organised by the leader, La Sapienza University of Rome. 

The 2nd Learning Mobility in Covilha by UBI University has been a week of proposed lessons on the topic of Cultural Studies in Business delivered by 18 lecturers of the 6 Countries. 

The 3rd Learning Mobility is going to happen in the week 23-27/03/2020 by the University of Split (Croatia) 

The plenary at UBI University in Covilha (Portugal) - opening session of the Learning Week


Each partner has to organise 3 Multiplier Events (6x3=18) which are events or a series of events to promote, disseminate and deliver the realised Intellectual Outputs and share results of the partnership. JUMP as partner has to realise the last Multiplier Event in Soverato (18+1=19).  

Picture of the audience during the Multiplier Events in Vilnius (26-27/04/2019)


It's a permanent process of coordination which involved at the beginning mainly the leader, La Sapienza University, later on all the partners which are contributing in organzing events and realizing the 3 Intellectual Outputs.  

CSB is taking time to time a bigger dimension inside the life and the professional development of all lecturers and deans involved in the partnership