After one year project, the Leader and the partners have been working on the interim report written in the MOBILITY TOOL provided by the European Commission. 

The report underlines important results of CBS partnership:

- the consortium of 6 University partners and a civil society organization started the process of team building and learning respecting the gannt diagram. 

- it has been realised immediately in January 2019 the official website.

- the 1st Transnational Project Meeting has been realised on 06-07/12/2018 in Rome and the 1st Learning Mobility (Training Week) on 25-29/03/2019 with the participation of all (Team Leaders and Lecturers).

- partners worked at the realisation of the 1 Intellectual Output and within September the "In-depth analysis of the status quo of Economic studies in Europe" has been completed.

- each partner realised the 1st series of Multiplier Events between April and May 2019.

- in April and in September partners met in Kumanovo (Republic of North Macedonia) and in Vilnius (Lithuania) for the 2nd and the 3rd Transnational Project Meetings.

- it started before summer the most important action in each University: proposing and launch the 1st "pilot course" under the common title of "Cultural Studies in Business" which is the base of the idea of CSB Curriculum (Intellectual Output 2) to be ended within February 2021. 


submitted to the Erasmus Plus National Agency in

September 2019


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