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12/02 "Cross Cultural Studies in Business: a European analysis" + Management – Journal presentation

On 12/02/2021 the University of Split. Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism organizes its last Multiplier Event titled

"Cross Cultural Studies in Business: a European analysis"

Presentation – Management – Journal of Contemporary Management Issues – Special issue: "Implications of Culture for Business Studies in Europe"

The Croatian partner really involved all partners and all Europe inviting the authors of the papers published in the Journal of Contemporary Management, special issue volume n° 25/2020 realized as third Intellectual Output of our common Erasmus Plus project "CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS".

This event signs the real cooperation among partner organizations which worked together, facing the huge difficulties of the year 2020, working online and bringing on continuous research on innovation in Business and Cultural Studies.

Here below the very high level program. The event is in English on Zoom Platform open to everyone.

Link to Meeting

Meeting ID: 834 1281 2064

Passcode: 456279

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