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24/02/21. The very last Multiplier Event organized by JUMP with a new stakeholder: UMG of Catanzaro

It's the last week of the project and partners ended the planned series of Multiplier Events but there's an extra one, organized by JUMP Gioventù in riSalto Association in cooperation with the prestigious "University of Magna Grecia" of Catanzaro, the Capital City of the region Calabria, deep South of Italy which is happening tomorrow, 24/02/2021 at 9 AM on Google meet and in streaming on the project Facebook page

We are very happy an honoured that another new stakeholder welcomed the proposal of JUMP to approach the project with a new perspective of follow up and future cooperation.

The CULTURAL STUDIES in BUSINESS has been a long process of learning and sharing and as for all the intensive projects, it's the time to close a first circle and open a new one.

"Two circles together form infinity"...

Tomorrow from 9 AM the Professors Michele Trimarchi and Maria Colurcio of the Department of Law, Economics and Sociology will host Pietro Curatola and Erika Gerardini, the coordinators of JUMP for a seminar titled "The value of culture in corporate strategies" (IL VALORE DELLA CULTURA NELLE STRATEGIE AZIENDALI).

Institutional greetings by the Director Prof. Romano and intervention of the representative of "Eureka" students association Mrs Daria Mirante Marini.

Stay tuned on our Facebook Page! The seminar will be in Italian language!

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