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A law for innovative SMEs in Puglia

Updated: May 6, 2020

A short summary of the article written by Vincenzo Rutigliano on Sole24 Ore about inserting new skills in Companies to transform the local Business.

During the Apulian stage of the roadshow on 22 July organised together with Audi on technological innovation, sustainability, the value of supply chains ad digital investments, the regional council approved some standards rules to enhance innovative SMEs.

The importance to invest intangible resources and intellectual capital leads Companies to obtain a higher score in regional tenders.

There are six respect indicators to define an innovative SMEs:

When there are researches in the Companies, legally measurable design models, technical industrial, commercial and scientific experiences.

As Fabrizio Longo CEO of Audi Italia remarked during the Apulian roadshow:” the Keystone always remains formation, the mental approach, which must be continuous”.

Carlo Robiglio president of “ Piccola Industria of Confindustria” underlines “it is necessary to insert new skills in the Company to grow more by confrontation and mutual contamination.

This is especially true in the South for its five main production chains. Pharmaceutical, food, clothing-fashion, automotive and aerospace.

The agricultural food supply chain in the South has an added value according to SRM-Studies and Research of the South of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

The bio-energy produces, in the South. just under a third of the gigawatts produced by bio-energy at National level.

Source: Sole24ore

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