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A new perspective for Universities in Europe: the Albanian Process 2020 - 3° Multiplier Event at WUC

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

On 24 and 25 November 2020 the Albanian partner organized the 3rd and last Multiplier Event and in respect of COVID restriction it was developed a very new strategy in order to assure participation and safety. As you can see from the pictures the university used all the spaces and rooms apart from the conference hall. Speakers could give their speeches to all and be at the same time, through technologies in other rooms and online. We can consider this way a "diffuse mixed online and in presence" international conference. International thanks to speakers connected from the USA. Great job the University College Wisdom!

"It was successfully completed the International Scientific Conference “A NEW PERSPECTIVE FOR UNIVERSITIES IN EUROPE; THE ALBANIAN PROCESS 2020”, organized by the University College "Wisdom". This conference was held in the framework of the KA2 project “Cultural Studies in Business”, Erasmus +".

Tells Mrs Lediana Beshaj, Executive Director of Research and Development Institute Wisdom of Tirana (Albania), Team Leader on behalf of "Cultural Studies in Business"Erasmus Plus K203 Project

"This conference joined researchers from Europe, the United States of America and Albania, bringing a dynamic and a diversity in the research studies in the field of education, in the field of economics, education through technology, psychological and legal education emphasizing what universities need to do to improve in their curricula as well as building stronger collaborations between them. This conference was greeted by researchers and experts in the field of education, policy makers, Albanian, European and American researchers whose expertise brought to attention that the intercultural dimension and expertise to be provided in educational systems will be the common challenge for the world, which without a doubt is changing with giant steps. A common challenge for the entire academic world is emerging and we must tackle it the best way possible.

The conference was greeted by the Rector of the University College "Wisdom", Prof. Dr. Lush Perpali, Vice Rector, Prof. Naim Mëçalla, Dr. Erika Melonashi, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University College "Wisdom". There were also other special guests. Mr. Elton Skendaj, Director of the International and Erasmus + Office at the Mediterranean University of Albania who invited Albanian universities to be more cooperative in regards to student mobility processes and academic staff mobility, he also stressed the importance of involving universities in national and international research projects. He also spoke about the importance of the curricula in higher education programs and their improvement in accordance with the demands of the labor market.

Another guest was Mr. Admir Malaj, Monitoring and Results Management Lead at Risi Albania, who pointed out the way in which international organizations cooperate with universities to promote training, joint projects so that it will prepare students for the challenges of the labor market and endorsed the introduction of the course "Studies Cultural in Business” as an opportunity to increase the capacities of future students.

An invitee who greeted the international conference was Mr. Oltion Kadaifciu, who is an education consultant in one of the civil society organizations in Albania "EU Police Hub", which was created as a cooperation project by Fridich Ebert Albania and OSFA, where "Eu Policy Hub" is the voice of national and international experts to change or improve joint reforms in the field of Education and face the challenges when becoming part of the European Union.

The conference was greeted by experts from Belgium such as Brikena Xhomaqi - Director of the "Lifelong Learning Platform-European Civil Society for Education" in Brussels, Belgium who through video recording conveyed important messages regarding European universities within the European Agenda.

Besian Rroshi - Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware in America through his message brought to attention the challenges facing American universities today and the new strategies they are seeking to implement to promote closer cooperation with Europe and the rest of the world.

Professors from the University of Vlora, Shkodra, Gjirokastra, Elbasan, Durres, Tirana, University College “Wisdom”, as well as independent researchers presented a variety of scientific studies where culture is an integral element of any new approach in the field of scientific research.

This geographical inclusion from Albania, Europe, and America made the scientific results of this conference bring an innovation not only for the University College "Wisdom", but also for the importance that the project "Cultural Studies in Business" has in improving the curriculum, its approximation with international ones and increasing the capacity of students to adapt to the labor market".

Here the full program of the 2 days and the best pictures

Wisdom International Conference Agenda
Download P • 449KB

Article written by Mrs Lediana Beshaj, Executive Director of Research and Development Institute Wisdom of Tirana (Albania), Team Leader on behalf of "Cultural Studies in Business"Erasmus Plus K203 Project

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