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A Union that strives for more My agenda for Europe

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

6 Commission priorities for 2019-24

"For the generation of my parents, Europe was an aspiration of peace in a continent too long divided.

For my generation, Europe was an aspiration of peace, prosperity and unity that we brought to life through our single currency, free movement and enlargement.

For the generation of my children, Europe is a unique aspiration".

Here we publish the words introducing the strategic document presented by Mrs Ursula von der Leyen the new elected President of the European Commission downloadable here .

With this article we publish the 6 priorities proposed by the candidate President and a reflection on the actual situation with COVID pandemic.

Can you imagine how it can be to candidate your person to be the President of the European Commission in November 2019 and from February face a world wide unexpected pandemic which is causing so many effects that we can say, are "uncountable" at this moment?

In this list of priorities is in fact missing the words "health and safety" which are now fundamental. There's no investment in research and health. It would be interesting today to ask which can be the new priorities and it's true that what is happening teaches us how strict rules related to EU control on Member States can be overcome when dealing with the health of people.

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