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Achieving sustainability through factors of production management - the Albanian perspective

Here below the abstract and the presentation which prof. Enriko Ceko gave during the Learning Mobility in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the CSB project.


Scientific management of factors of production creates opportunities for long term sustainable development, guaranteeing future generations’ normal life and society’s wealth, without damaging environment. Currently, weak experiences related to factors of production management floating, while in some countries situation has been managed with a system of decision making from above to lower levels and vice-a-verse, and in some other countries, public participation involvement on factors of production management and quality management techniques, resulted to be successful in use of production’ factors and in conflicts declining, in a time that factors of production are more-and-more vulnerable against risks of misuse, damage, pollution, corruption, etc. To apply in practice these experiences, efficient decision making structures, citizens education on use of factors of production and management of them, improvement and application of a suitable legislation and ISO standards, and qualitative application of projects and action plans in national, regional, communal level, etc, are immediate. To achieve and maintain sustainable development scenarios, for all interested parties, individuals, public and private institutions, especially for decision makers and civil society, improvement of the situation is needed, since lack of methods, systems, techniques of use and management of factors of production and lack of standardizations, still exist.

Written by

Prof. Enriko Ceko, Lecturer at the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty at Wisdom University College of Tirana (Albania). Participant in the Training Week in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the Cultural Studies in Business project in the field of Erasmus Plus.

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