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Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach. Open the call 2019

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Civil engagement and Resilience against misinformation. An Eu-wide competition which focuses on young people opened to Eu Citizens and non-Governmental organizations.

The “Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach is at the third edition. New deadline this year: 29 October 2019 at 17:00 CET.

The main purpose of the contest requested by the European Parliament and started by the European Commission in 2017 is to understand and develop a sense of European identity through projects across communication, campaigns, direct actions and more – these may include:

  • educational programmes or campaigns about the EU;

  • information and communication campaigns about the EU;

  • activities that enhance young people’s motivation to participate in the democratic processes that shape the future of the EU;

  • activities that enhance young people’s attachment to the core values of the EU;

  • action-based activities that enable young people to witness the benefits of the EU.

The 16 winners will each be awarded a prize of 25.000 EUR.


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