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An extra output to be valorised from Wisdom University College

Our partner from Tirana realised a book of proceeding counting 376 pages and with a beautiful cover which is used by the actual students of the CSB Pilot Course!

Cultural Studies in Business foresees the realization of 3 main Outputs. One already realised and published on this website, the "In-depth analysis of the status quo of economic studies in Europe", the second which is the main one, in process of realisation, the CSB Pilot course in each university partner (6) and a third, also in a delicate phase, a scientific journal on Cultural Studies with papers of prestigious lecturers of all over Europe. Which ones we will discover in June; the journal is edited by the Croatian partner, University of Split. Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in coordination with the leader, La Sapienza University of Rome. The call for papers is online and the deadline is the 29/02/2020.

With this article we underline the important contribution of "Wisdom University College" which realised an extra output. The "proceeding book" is not important just for the CSB project but also because it enlarges the cooperation of the consortium also with the University of Calabria, the European College of Kosovo and the International Balkan University of Skopje. Here below what explains Mrs Lediana Beshaj, Executive director of Research and Development Institute Wisdom and CSB Team Leader.

"University College Wisdom has a Strategic Development Plan 2018-2023 and there are listed the main objectives. Among the many objectives, it is also listed the scientific research, as a priority of a great importance. University College "Wisdom" aims to achieve a lot in the field of university academic collaboration, research, publishing activity, as well as promoting the development and civic values of higher education internationally. As well as, publication of international publications as a product of joint conferences, supporting lecturers, researchers, heads of departments and students for research activities, projects and international conferences.

Therefore, periodically there is a "book of proceeding" with an ISSN so based on the Education Albanian Law on Conference Proceeding. Under the aims described above - as well as based on the requirements of the Erasmus plus project KA2 - it was organized the first multiplier event, which was a scientific International Conference. The title of the International conference was “Intercultural studies in the field of justice, economic and social sciences” In the framework of cultural studies in business “re-orienting cross cultural studies in business: European analysis” on 9-10 may, 2019 at the University College “Wisdom” in Tirana.

The book of proceedings was an important output of the conference as well an important deliverable, where all the scientific papers presented in the conference are published after being reviewed by the Conference Scientific Committee, as well as by the Scientific Editors. This book of proceedings is deposited at the library of the University College Wisdom and will help the students in their course tasks, assignments, research etc. The lecturers can also benefit from the various interesting scientific work published in the book and the aspiring lecturers will benefit from it publication as they can testify the participation in the conference, which is also part of the prerequisites if the lecturer aims to obtain a higher grade in their career. In addition the UCW library will enrich its list of materials"


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