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An online simil Transnational Project Meeting happened today in "Europe"!

16/04/2020 10:00 a.m.

La Sapienza University, leader of CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS Erasmus Plus K203 invited Team Leaders and lecturers from Albania, Croatia, Lithuania, North Rep. of Macedonia and Portugal, in a google meeting in order to discuss about the ongoing process of Pilot Courses developed by each university and about next international meetings postdated to November 2-7 (Learning Mobility C3 among lecturers in Croatia hosted by the University of Split. Faculty of Business, Economy and Tourism) and January 2021 21-23/01 (Transnational Project Meeting in Italy hosted by Associazione JUMP in Soverato).

The Croatian representative, Prof. Ivana Bilic also reported about the Call for Papers launched on 01/12/2019, published on our website and spread by all partners to other universities and colleagues around Europe.

19 papers arrived to the editorial staff, 10 were selected. The 70% comes from the other partners networks and the 30% from the Croatian team networks.

It's in progress the peer review process, 7 papers are ready and others soon will be re-sent back with feedbacks by reviewers. The Journal issued by the University of Split titled "MANAGEMENT – JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY MANAGEMENT ISSUES" will be defined during this semester but we will see the hard copies in November during the meeting in Split.

Despite the emergency and the actual uncertain worldwide situation, the project cycle has to be closed somehow, at technical level, but the "full river of cooperation" and friendship we know will continue longer, overcoming difficulties and also fighting COVID-19!

#Csberasmusproject Let's go on!


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