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An overview of the CSB Pilot Course development at Wisdom University College of Tirana

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Lediana Beshaj, CSB Team Leader and Executive Director of Research and Development Institute Wisdom of Tirana, explains how the CSB Pilot Course has been implemented and the ongoing activities at UC Wisdom (Albania) with the involvement of 3 university lecturers: Dr. Enriko Ceko, Dr. Edit Bregu and Msc. Ajla Ngjeliu.

“Cultural studies in business” pilot course

Pursuant to the Decision no. 01.04.2020 of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, the education institutions will be closed until the end of the pandemic situation caused by the “COVID19”.

The public and private education institutions are being asked to conduct on-line classes in order to continue with the teaching and learning process.

University College Wisdom has a platform where all the staff and the students can interact.

The CSB Course is divided among the 3 lecturers: Dr. Enriko Ceko, Dr. Edit Bregu and Msc. Ajla Ngjeliu. They are part of the “Cultural Studies in Business” K203 project, through which their ideas are enlightened and their knowledge is enhanced by having exchanged ingenious ideas during various meetings they have had so far with such eminent professors and lecturers from the University of Sapienza (Italy), Eurocollege (Macedonia), and all the other prominent participant universities.

At University College Wisdom the CSB is elective for the second year students of Bachelor study program, but the others are not excluded from being part of it.

During the dissemination phase of the project, the team leader and the lecturers went to private and public universities to talk about the outputs of the projects and, specifically, about the Pilot Course. The students immediately expressed the wish to participate in such course. Therefore, we decided to talk it over with all the members of the project during the Transnational Meeting in Tirana in January 2020, discussing whether other students, apart from UC Wisdom, could participate in this Pilot Course; the answer was “YES”. “The more the merrier” is the saying.

This project is aimed at everyone and it is one of the priorities to spread knowledge and awareness in the field of business and not only. The students will be granted a certificate for accomplishing the Pilot Course after being subjected to a final exam and other assignments along the course.

Therefore, there are 8 students from the public university and 4 from the private universities participating in the CSB classes, apart from the students of UC Wisdom.

The course started and the first lectures are held by Dr. Enriko Ceko.

Lecture I: The nature and content of Cultural Studies and Cultural Studies in Business;

Lecture II: The Genealogy of Economic Thought;

Lecture III: Idealism vs Materialism and Etatism.Beyond the captivity of illusions;

Lecture IV: The Global Political Economy;

Lecture V: Alternative Economics.

Dr. Enriko states in one of his writings: “About students, Yes!!! We are with them and they are with us! Besides the fact we are organizing online studies as per the current Covid-19 situation, I feel myself confident to declare their commitment and stimuli to get as much as possible from my lectures”.

It is evident that the ongoing of a successful implementation of the course is guaranteed!

Msc. Ajla Ngjeliu will elaborate on the 2 lectures:

The first lecture is “Social Responsibility in Business”: the students will learn that businesses, apart from increasing the shareholders value, must also ensure and act in a way that the whole society benefits. Investors search for investments which are not only profit making but also contribute to the well being of the society and the environment.

The second lecture is “Business Ethics”, which will be a very interesting topic and, according to the Journal of Business Ethics, "Managing ethical behavior is one of the most pervasive and complex problems facing business organizations today”.

Dr. Edit Bregu will hold 4 lectures, which actually will be from the culture perspective into the world of economy.

Lecture 1. Issues of Economic Sociology;

Lecture 2. Cross- Cultural Communication;

Lecture 3. Culture and Business Systems;

Lecture 4. Real Estate management.

Multiplier Events

Regarding the Multiplier Events, the UC Wisdom planned a national conference in the frame of Multiplier Event 2 to be held in March 2020 entitled “The future of Europe and the CSB Curricula in the Bologna Process” pursuant to the CSB project requirements and the Multiplier Event 3 entitled “A new perspective for Universities in Europe”.

The Albanian process in 2020 will be an international conference to be held by the end of May. Due to the actual situation, these activities are postponed.

The Scientific Journal

The Output 3 of the CSB project was the creation of the CSB Journal aiming to prompt many lecturers, young researchers, scholars and academicians to present their views and researches. Thanks to the Croatian team this was completed and the Journal was introduced to all the staff members of the project partners and it was also promoted in social websites.

However, the Lithuanian partner presented two other journals “Sociologija” and “Creative Studies” where the other lecturers could publish under the frame of “Cultural Studies in Business” project.

University College Wisdom launched the call for publication in these three journals via its website and social media. There are 7 research papers from the staff of UCW waiting to be approved and published. Thus, we can say that the seriousness of involvement in the university’s endeavors in achieving high standards in the academic level is indisputable.


written by Lediana Beshaj, Executive Director of Research and Development Institute Wisdom of Tirana (Albania) and CSB Team Leader.

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