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Call for Papers - VISUALITY 2021: Media and Communication - extended deadline for papers 10/03/2021

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Still Open the Call for Papers for the 6th International Conference “Visuality 2021: Media and Communication” organized by Vilnius Tech University, Faculty of Creative Industries, Lithuania, partner of the CSB project.

SAVE THE DATE: April 22 – April 23, 2021 | ONLINE on Zoom Platform.

The Organizing Committee invites researchers and practitioners to submit papers for the international conference. Deadline extended to 10/03/2021

Here the conference website

Scope of the Conference

- Communication for Creative Industries

- Philosophy of Communication/Media

- Visuality, Media and Education

- Visuality in Urban Environment

- Visuality, Media and Politics

- Visuality and Digitals Communication

- Historical Aspects of Media / Communication

- Visuality, Media and Creativity

- Visuality, Arts and Technologies


Visuality plays an important role in media and communication, and as a complex phenomenon it includes variegated elements and aspects with quite different spatio-temporal dimensions. Accordingly, visuality requires complex analysis that is able to integrate methods and theories of philosophy, sociology, history and the theory of arts, creativity studies, cultural and cross-cultural studies, communication science, psychology, political sciences, educational sciences, and also cross-disciplinary studies.

Such an analytical framework allows us to explore and identify the most appropriate and efficient models, methods, strategies, as well as channels and media of communication that pertain to the ‘visual turn’. A useful (and emphatic) starting point would be the so-called new media, e.g. internet, social networks, digital games etc., as well as the most common forms of communication. These would include: digital communication, intercultural and intercivilizational communication, political communication, communication for social change and inclusion, creative communication, science and technologies communication, communication in urban environment, and so on.

The interconnections between visuality and communication also opens up another challenging field of enquiry, i.e. the investigation of phenomena such as collective intelligence, social networks and co-creation, social technologies, social innovations, media literacy, popular culture, fake news, creative industries, creative and smart city, contemporary educological methodologies, and so on. And if we are to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the above mentioned phenomena, then we must take into account the historical context of communication, media and visuality.

Key questions in Visuality

Within these theoretical frameworks and beyond, our conference will attempt to address the following questions in the many and varied contexts of visuality as we understand it today:

- What type of communication is dominant in the creative industries?

- What are the philosophical aspects of communication and media?

- How is visuality, media and education connected? What aspects of visuality are evident in our urban environment(s)?

- What features and characteristics are shared by visuality, media and politics?

- Can visuality contribute to media literacy as well as help to prevent fake news, and if so, in what ways?

- What are the implications of visuality to collective intelligence and social networks?

- What are the historical aspects of media/communication?

- Does visuality eliminate creativity in media or, on the contrary, encourage it?

- What is the impact of technologies on visual art?

Contact information:



Vytis Valatka

Tel. +370 5 251 24 95




Tomas Kačerauskas

Tel. +370 5 274 48 66


The invitation here below in pdf and as a jpg image.

Original deadline 28/02/2021 - new extended deadline 10/03/2021

Invitation VISUALITY 2021
Download PDF • 458KB

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