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Creativity, Happiness, Urban Drawing and Business... a seminar to combine them in architecture

Today we had one more Online Seminar, which form part of the series of appointments organized by the team of professors of UBI University as creative alternative of the CSB Pilot Course on behalf of our "Cultura Studies in Business", Erasmus + project.

2 important special guests intervened

- Dr. Dominique Magalhães, from Brazil, Best-seller Author & Screenwriter. CEO Creative Director. Travel Designer. Artist Prod.Innovator. Communication Advisor.

- Prof. Claudia Beato, giving a lesson on “How Urban Drawing interact with Business”

Prof. Luis Moreira Pinto comments how was the seminar: "Dominique shared her life experience, the way she started over from the beginning, and today she has developed into a very successful writer and businesswoman. I structured the speech as an informal interview between me, my colleague Prof. Ana Fidalgo and the guests using Portuguese language and stimulating students to feel free, overcoming the barriers of an online session and helping those who are more shy. The seminar was attended also by other four professors from the University of Beira Interior, and other professional. About 28 students attended.

We had also one lesson of Prof. Claudia Beato, about the subject how an urban drawing, (case study from Cabo Verde ) could improve business and architecture management".

From this moment students could attend 3 specific online seminars under the title "Creative Business Communication and Real Estate Economy" followed by us, their lecturers who invited other colleagues and special guests. The series is finished covering around 8 hours.

Other hours have to be done by participants in autonomy at home realising their creative works to be delivered around the 10/05/2020".

The mini Pilot Course realised by UBI University represents what was possible to be done by the Portuguese partner thanks by the will, the creativity and commitment of 2 Professors, Prof. Luis Moreira Pinto and Prof. Ana Fidalgo teaching architecture. It's a first starting point to experiment and innovate a sector which is already an explosion of creativity. The professors are opening important discussions on business and management to students who have to learn how to combine them with their "estro"!

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