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CSB Multiplier Event in Tirana

Updated: May 12, 2020

Personalities and speakers in the field of science, economics, civil society, representatives of Ministry of Education met on the 09-10/05/2019 in the capital of Albania in coincidence with the "Birthday of Europe"* realising the 5th M.E. of the CSB Erasmus Plus K203 project. The CSB Team presented the main aims of the project, the results of the Output 1 (the Research on the state of the art of economical studies in the Erasmus Plus macro region) and the ideas for the realization of the Output 2 (the Pilot curriculum "Cultural Studies in Business"). All the audience was involved and engaged in giving ideas about cultural studies in business and the importance of enriching the curricula with new ideas.

A very high level program entertain the audience: welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Lush Perpali, Rector of University College, “Wisdom”.

Mr. Perpali welcomed all the participants in the conference and talked about the engagement that the University College Wisdom has undertaken, so that Cultural Studies in Business project in the frame of Erasmus + KA projects, is successful. It is a joint project with the participation of the other well known universities like: Sapienza in Italy, Euro College in North Macedonia, Economic University (EFST) in Croatia, University of Beira Interior in Portugal, Vilniaus Gedimino in Lithuania and the Jump Organization in Italy.

Welcome speech by Mrs.Brunilda Paskali, Special Adviser to the President of Republic of Albania

Ms. Brunilda Paskali talked about the importance of having culture integrated in business studies and the outcomes from it would be better prepared employers and employees who will be more appreciated in the European market where Albania aspires to become a member of. There is a lot to be done but step by step there will be achieve great things in the global world of business.

Welcome speech by Mr. Dritan Sallaku, Sector Chairman, Directorate of Program Development in Education, Sport and Youth.

A special guest was Mr. Dritan Sallaku, who clearly stated the need for diversification in the economics study programs. He emphasized the role that all the Universities must play in designing updated programs to meet the demands of the students. He also congratulated the involvement and the participation of the University College Wisdom in the Erasmus + project by focusing on the importance of such project bring to the Albanian arena in the field of Higher Education.

Greeting speech by Prof. Dr. Emilija Stoimenova Canevska, International Balkan University.

Prof. Dr Emilija Stoimenova Canevska, was an added value for the panel and she greeted all the participants and congratulated all the University College staff on this endeavor. She stated the importance of the Organizational Development - Intercultural Perspective, which was of a great interest to all the people in the conference.

On May 10th there has been a workshop with students who could exchange their ideas about the importance of this curricula and possible topics that they would like to be included in the curricula. In this event there were invited important media to foster and empower the external communication, the promotion of Erasmus and the dissemination of results.

(* in commemoration of the 1950 Schuman Declaration, leading it to be referred to by some as "Schuman Day")

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