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CSB Output 3 is in progress. Ongoing review of papers for the next Management Journal

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Thanks to the very active and smart team of the University of Split. Faculty of Economy, Business and Tourism our project has an Output 3.

We needed a scientific journal recognised at university level and in a first discussion among partners it was clear that, to create a new one, the time of a project was too short, furthermore, the existing journals take ages to receive and publish papers. CSB consortium is firstly a team of "international lecturers" representing 6 Universities (4 of EU Members and 2 of candidate EU Members) and they gave birth to 6 proposals of Pilot Courses which were developed formally during the years 2019 and 2020, despite of COVID pandemic.

The team is solid and since January 2020 it couldn't meet again. It's a suspended time for all. The University of Split publishes every 6 months a journal on management, the "Management. Journal of Contemporary Management Issues" (ISSN 1331-0194)

In 2019 it was spread a public call ended on the 1st of December and lecturers, of the consortium but also of other universities, could send their papers.

Academic times, lessons and a quite complicated summer, especially for Croatia where the pandemic started right at the beginning making us all worried for the colleagues, brought the same to the actual good result that the Journal is almost finished and it involved all. Those who sent papers and reviewers.

Now in September our partner announced that the first version is almost ready. The occasion to present it officially is at the moment the Learning Mobility foresees in November in Split, in coincidence with a big European conference, "Wire2020", this year with a challenging title "The future of resilient regions in the new ERA".

On the website it is written that, due to COVID, the conference is online and our reaction is of course, of sadness. All events since covid breakdown are online; our professional and personal lives are in a deep moment of change.

The Croatian Management Journal is not the Output, we need to pay attention on this detail. The already existing journal is the box where CSB partners published a special edition thanks to the authorisation and the availability of the editorial staff who welcomed our papers and dedicated an edition to "Cultural Studies in Business" results.

An official presentation should be in November on behalf of WIRE or in December with a slight delay and a further effort by all partners.

In the meantime lessons in each university re-started, partly online and partly in presence; the atmosphere reflects all the uncertainty and the concerns of this period after summer.

The CSB Project never stopped and partners are in contact, working online and going on with the organization of Multiplier Events and with the definition of 2 remaining Outputs.

The proposed Curriculum on Cultural Studies in Business and the above mentioned special edition of the journal. Let's be strong, let's adapt and be resilient! Stay tuned! Next updates are coming soon by CSB Team!

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Article written by Erika Gerardini, responsible for the editorial staff of CSB blog and JUMP Team member

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