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CSB Pilot Course at the EUROCOLLEGE - University of Economy, Business and Administration of Kumanovo

It’s ongoing the central phase of the Cultural Studies in Business K203 project, the strategic partnership in the field of Higher Education. Each University partner is realising the "CSB Pilot Course" from February to June 2020 to develop new, innovative and creative topics for students giving a real international dimension of teaching and learning.

The EUROCOLLEGE University of Economy, Business and Administration of Kumanovo, Republic of North Macedonia, realized the Output 2 developing a 48 hour course (6 Ects) with the aim of promoting internationalisation and supporting changes in line with Bologna principles and tools in EHEA area thanks to the three dimensions of the CSB Curriculum:

- multi-trans - and interdisciplinary approaches; - Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities Disciplines; - improvement of English language and new teaching methodologies, sharing a database of materials and mixing formal and non-formal education.

In the CSB Pilot Course are involved 8 Macedonian professors, specialised in specific topics; each of them has the mission to conduct lessons mixing Economics and Socio- Anthropological Disciplines to create a closer link between the Economic and Humanistic University studies. In order to maintain an equilibrium among the different studies, the 70% of professors come from project partnership and the 30% is composed of experts involved in project activities (opinion leaders, ONG, external colleagues). During the learning period is planned a mid-term evaluation by means of a questionnaire and, at the end of the CSB Pilot Course, professors evaluate them with a final test.

It’s a special opportunity for the students of the EUROCOLLEGE of Kumanovo who, thanks to the CSB Curriculum and the experience of the University professors, can understand interesting points of view and new perspectives to see the world of Economics in a different way.

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