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CSB PROJECT - Learning Mobility ongoing at UBI University in Covilhã (PT)

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The second day of activities of the CSB Project started on Tuesday 19/11/2019. It will be for sure a week of learning, debates, meetings and sharing among Professors from the 6 University partners.

After the UBI students welcome to the Aula Magna of the University of Covilhã (PT), the Professor Miguel Moreira Pinto introduced the meeting and connected - on Skype - the participants with Dra. Dominique Maglhães, Ceo of Dorm Producoes Criativas and Dom Congierge from Brazil. The writer and actress told us about the start of her new life. She RE-Start to be happy after a dark phase of her life in which she wasn’t satisfied of her “business life”. Thanks to a coach she discovered the beauty of life coming back to her own life when she loved to sing and to felt herself connected with happiness. She reminds us the “fanciullino” of Giovanni Pascoli who is inside us and help us to face the problems of our life in a different and irrational way. A short and intensive successful business story that she summed up in three important essential steps useful to make people happy: learning, teaching and reaching results.

Then, the floor passed to the vice-rector who gave us his kind and prestigious welcome.

The Professor Enriko Ceko - University College Wisdom - Albania - involved all the guests (local students and representatives of international project partners) in four visual exercises aiming to show how is important in our researches and in our business to be focused on details from the starting point and sometimes to be able to break the rules to become pioneers and to have success reaching the expected results. It was a very dynamic and interactive moment that captured the attention of the more than 100 people enjoyed the CSB meeting of the day.

In the second part of the event we could appreciate three different researches and contributes:

- “Youth and diversity management in Republic of North Macedonia: determining the impact of gender and sexual orientation” by the Professor Marjan Miadenovski from Euro College Kumanovo - Republic of North Macedonia; - “The role of cultural differences in the management of organizations” by the Professor Marija Stojanova from Euro College Kumanovo - Republic of North Macedonia; - "Influence of Ethics Education on Management and Entrepreneurship Students Attitude Toward Ethical Behavior: Case of Croatia" by the Professor Ivana Bilic from University of Split -Croatia.

The participation of students was very high (around 100 young people) but also professors of other disciplines attended the plenary. For the UBI University of Covilhã it was a privilege to have speakers from different Countries and prestigious Universities working together on behalf of the Erasmus Plus Program.

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