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CSB project – The closing phase of the Learning Mobility in Portugal

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

During the fourth day of the Learning Mobility at UBI University in Covilhã (Portugal), University professors from Croatia, Albania, Italy, Lithuania, Republic of North Macedonia and Portugal faced interesting topics analyzing the economic and financial processes under a different point of view to give more perspectives and lead our society in approaches less speculative and more sustainable aiming at the creation of profiles able to change the way of solving problems on a large vision.

Professor Antonija Kvasina from University of Split – Croatia - gave an important contribution to the project analyzing some of the most important brands of the actual economic world with a presentation titled “Cultural aspects of marketing”. Through videos and images she traced the story of the biggest marketing campaigns influenced the society and the consumer buying behaviour. “The Cultural Behavior of the Public Towards Capital Markets in a Small Economy” is the speech by the Professor Artan Gjergji from University College Wisdom – Albania – who considered the Culture as a factor impacting economic decisions since Economics is a social science. Then, the floor passed to Jacopo Bonchi, Professor at La Sapienza University of Rome – Italy with an interesting analysis of the consequences of the exploitation of natural resources “The Results of the Economic Investigation” talking about deforestation and natural disasters affected the world today.

Close the series of stimulating debates, researches and points of view the speeches: - “Personality traits needed to lead a social business” by Brunilda Paskali, Professor at University College Wisdom – Albania; - “Leadership and culture of educational institutions” by the Professor Niksa Alfirevic from University of Split – Croatia; - “Relevance of Ethic of Ancient Greek Cynicism to Contemporary Society” by Vytis Valatka, Professor from VGTU University – Lithuania.

A very intensive week with a consortium of 6 European Countries (2 partners from Italy and 5 from other countries) represented by 6 Universities and a civil society organization (Associazione JUMP- Gioventù in riSALTO) with the specific aim to create a closer link between the economic and humanistic university studies thanks to a new pilot curriculum called "Cultural Studies in Business".

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