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CSB Training Week in Rome

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

It started today 25 of March 2019 the first Learning Mobility of the K2 Erasmus Plus project "Cultural Studies in Business" leaded by La Sapienza University with other 5 partner universities.

Three lecturers from each institution came from Albania, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia and Portugal to deliver their proposal of lesson, topics and reflection what can be the future Cultural Studies in Business curriculum (Output 2 of the project).

“In the meantime it started since December the realisation of a long term important research conducted by university researchers of the 6 Universities on the State of the art of the Economical and Cultural Studies in Europe”

The five days in Rome of the Learning Mobility are planned to be a moment for partner to see each other again after the first Transnational Project Meeting in December which gave the start up to the project, then there are two intensive days with panels, lessons in English language and external experts delivering their proposals and suggestions.

High level contents

After the first day of internal meeting among partners, the Training Week structured by La Sapienza Team composed by Prof. Maria Cristina Marchetti, Prof. Emanuela Ferreri, Prof. Umberto Triulzi followed three days of high level panels and a last day with a visit to Spazio Europa in the heart of Rome managed by the Italian Representation of the European Commission and the Italian Office of the European Parliament.

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