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Cultural aspects of knowledge and skills of employees - a Macedonian contribution to the CSB project

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Prof. Marija Stojanova, during the Learning Mobility in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the CSB project, gave an interesting speech on "Cultural aspects of knowledge and skills of employees". Here below the abstract and the presentation of her study.


My paper will present the cultural aspect of the value of knowledge, competences and skills. The question of knowledge exchange is an old topic where Aristotle states that there is no common measure between knowledge and money and recommends the compensation through gifts. On the other site, the Sophist brought to light the idea that the expertise must be compensated. This question is still active in the real world of organization where the main problem is what money value we will address to certain skills and knowledge of our employees. There are different types of measurement of efficiency but what is the real compensation. Boyatzis (1982) defined competency as ‘an underlying characteristic of an individual which is causally-related to effective or superior performance’ and the salary structure differs from the specialized knowledge. Again we raise the question of knowledge. Mallarme ask the questions: What good is it to traffic, what should and should not be sold? This is the way to come back at the beginning and to arise again the question what is for sale, the idea of the author or the intellectual performance of the employee as part of the profit accumulation.

Written by

Marija Stojanova, Professor of Strategic Management and Operation Manager and Researcher in Human Resources, Business Economics and Business Administration - Department of Business Administration at Euro College of Kumanovo (Republic of North Macedonia). Participant in the Training Week in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the Cultural Studies in Business project in the field of Erasmus Plus.

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