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Cultural Diversity and Ethics - CSB presentation at Sapienza University by prof. Saldukaitytė

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Here below the abstract of the presentation which prof. Jolanta Saldukaitytė gave during the Learning Mobility in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the CSB project.


My presentation addresses the concept of cultural diversity and its ethical implications. On one hand, diversity usually is understood as a categorical difference, i.e. including both qualitative and quantitative features which can be measured, classified, and/or institutionalized. If we know how to interpret and use this kind of knowledge, it can prove a helpful tool for solutions to cultural conflicts or serve as the basis of cultural integration and assimilation. On other hand, such an approach might at the same time miss encountering others as others, having put the other into reductive categories. Diversity regarding human beings cannot be reduced to spatial-temporal or quantitative differences but precede these and give them ethical orientation. For better understanding the ethical aspects of diversity I suggest a Levinasian approach. To encounter the Other as a face, i.e. ethically, is to transcend the particularities of cultural and social context. To face the other is, despite the other’s particularities, to refuse to reduce him or her into any category, kind, species. I am going to ask how it is possible and why it is necessary in the practical field to take into consideration both of the above approaches: categorical and ethical. In addition, this theoretical analysis will be followed up by introducing relevant elements of diversity management theory.

Written by

Jolanta Saldukaitytė, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies - Faculty of Creative Industries, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania). Participant in the Training Week in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the Cultural Studies in Business project in the field of Erasmus Plus.

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