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Cultural Studies in Business in Covilhã (Portugal) – Third day at UBI University

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

A full morning of speeches and presentations took place at UBI University in Covilhã (Portugal) on Wednesday 20/11 for the third day of the Learning Mobility for the CSB Project in the field of Erasmus Plus.

All the University partners could attend this meeting giving an important contribution for the whole European Project. Interesting points of view and new perspectives to see the world of economics in a different way.

Professor Ljubisha Petrushevski from Euro College of Kumanovo - Republic of North Macedonia - had a speech about "Psychogeography and cultural studies" analyzing the Use and Mis-use of Bio Mapping making a comparison between capitalism forces and cultural attractions, also giving some Psychogeography Tips.

The floor passed to Jolanta Saldukaitytė, Philosopher and Professor at VGTU University - Lithuania – with an interesting presentation “Space and Place in Cultural Studies” that pointed out the importance of self-identification and interiority.

“Alternative economic concepts” is the title of Pasko Burnac’s speech, Professor at the University of Split – Croatia – who analyzed some essential economic issues today.

After a brief moment of sharing among the participating organizations, the Italian Professors Antonio Putini and Maria Cristina Marchetti from La Sapienza University of Rome had two important speeches: “Informal cities - how to reshape urban environment through collective action” is the interesting point of view that Prof. Putini wanted to emphasize to solve a critical issue of our time; Prof. Maria Cristina Marchetti analyzed some Case Studies from fashion system, tourism and urban activism with a presentation titled “Global vs. Heritage”.

Close the intensive day at Ubi University, Professor Marina Valentukeviciene from VGTU- Lithuania – analyzing a Case Study “eco-studio” about a learning approach in sustainable development.

The attendance of students and local authorities enriched the event giving a strong impulse to change some perspectives rooted in our societies. Especially students - in the breaks - shown the interest in meeting the International Professors speaking in English and sharing their points of views.

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