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Decision taking, actions making. The report of another online Team Leaders meeting

CSB partners met again online for a meeting among Team Leaders to share the ongoing situation, evaluate and plan

Yesterday 24/06/2020, as proposed by Prof. Marchetti, General Coordinator of our Erasmus Plus project "Cultural Studies in Business", the 7 partners could see each other again through Google Meet in order to update about actual decisions in continuous developments taking into account the COVID19 epidemic.

Here the agenda:

  • Authorization required to extend the project "Covid-19 Force Majeure Emergency". New deadline (Rectors' Signature Required).

  • Learning week in Split (November 2020). CSB Participation to:

  • TPM in Soverato (January/February 2021)

  • Coordination Missing Multiplier Events and dissemination strategy

  • Management Journal Special Call: Updates

  • Administration and reporting

Discussion and decisions

La Sapienza is proceeding with the formal request of project extension of 6 months to the Italian National Agency. Each partner sent very quickly the requested letter of support.

For November the event title WIRE is organized directly by the European Commission, the Croatian team will work for CBS partners to have a specific role and the proper space (panels and workshops to present the project). At the moment in Croazia there's the COVID risk higher than before so we hope the event won't be online.

In general all partners are willing to continue to work, there's enthusiasm and they would be more than happy to meet again soon. The meeting in November is crucial and it's an important occasion for many reasons, also for the University of Split to plan a big multiplier event and for partners to see live the university where the partner developed very concretely the Pilot Course, meet lecturers, colleagues and students for the first and unique time.

The same for the last TPM in Soverato. JUMP is ready to welcome and close the project in the best way also to bring the project results to the Calabrian university context.

Multiplier events are important meetings to present and disseminate outcomes and outputs so partners are checking if possible to plan events in presence. La Sapienza proposes also a European big online conference with the contribution of all who can invite important speakers and decision makers.

The dissemination strategy at the moment is based on our website updated every day since a year with a post and on our facebook page. The JUMP team spreads regularly the posts in many social groups and is filling a stakeholders map with a research of experts and lecturers who could be interested to receive soon a newsletter. Each partner is asked to contribute and help. The JUMP editorial staff is continuously asking for sharing and for written or photographic contributions.

Regarding reporting and administration, the coordination staff is proceeding since months with a continuous work of check and support to Team Leaders to fill the excel files and upload documents.

At the moment the project is very active, outputs are in progress and feedbacks are good. Students filled the feedback questionnaire and results are going to be part of a report to be finished in July. Students' feedback are very important and will help lecturers for a very important phase which is going to happen soon.

There are 6 proposed Pilot Courses which have been designed and developed but partners have to check results and decide for one common proposal of a potential Curriculum of Cultural Studies in Business to be submitted to decision/policy makers of other universities.

The main goal of partners now which corresponds to the dissemination plan, is to "go out of the box" so out of the consortium and involve as more actors as possible, at the same or higher level which can use what created in their universities/Countries.

Partners are enthusiastic and happy but COVID19 is a reality so it will be necessary another meeting at the beginning of July for a new update.

Activities are going on in the perspective of a positive future especially for students who attended the pilot courses and for lecturers who are even more part of an International Team!

Coming soon new updates from CSB consortium!

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