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Ethics for a sustainable economy. A paper by Greta Hida, a student in Business Management at WUC


Greta Hida, a student in Bachelor 2nd year in Business Management at University College Wisdom of Tirana (Albania) wrote this paper for the CSB Pilot Course.

The main part of the ethics control system is the Code of Ethics and / or conduct, including statements of values ​​or standards of conduct.

Ethics or moral philosophy is a broad field of research that aims at a fundamental answer to which we think that all of us mortals of this world from time to time - How should I live life -. This is followed from a series of questions such as: what should you accomplish in life? What are my standards / principles? By continuing this deduction we reach the right or wrong limit. Researchers in this field are looking to understand the nature of morality, its basic concepts, the features of a moral reasoning, and above all principles that distinguish right from wrong. So ethics treats the character of each individual and moral rules that guide and limit our behavior. It explores issues such as law and wrongdoing, justice and injustice, obligation by law, as well as moral responsibilities and values ​​that lead.

Sometimes a kind of difference is commented between an individual's ethics and his morals. This change can create confusion because some people mention ethics and imply morality or vice versa.

In fact most people as well as scholars in this field do not distinguish between the morality of an individual and its ethics. Moreover, people generally use the terms "ethical" and "moral" instead of human. The other to describe an action "right" or "immoral" and "unethical" for a wrong action.

Business and Organization Ethics

The main focus of this course is ethics and its connection to business. Business ethics studies the difference between right or wrong, good or bad in a business context. For example, is it right that one producer, farmer, seller to break the promise to a consumer about a rare product; should react to an employee if his / her superior intentionally overlooks the violations committed; Should you use a Confidential information you accidentally get at work for personal gain?

Roman philosopher Cicero comments on the case of a grain merchant from Alexandria who arrived in the land of Rhodes in front of the others with a large load of wheat when there was famine on the island. He knew that others were coming however he did not show up and took advantage of being alone and sold the wheat at a price extremely high. Some philosophers of the time reasoned that as a merchant he had the right to sell the goods as much as he wanted and until he had lied in legal terms (in fact he had not told the whole truth) morally he was not wrong. Others, including Cicero, argued that the merchant was wrong because had concealed information that buyers needed to know, as well as other sellers.

Business, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are very general and broad terms.

A businessman / entrepreneur can be called a plumber who is self-employed and has a mini-workshop or a tool bag and can be called the president of a company that employs thousands of workers and has an investment portfolio as the budget of a small African country. In this context so broad will we try to choose the issues of morality and ethics that are more representative and present in environments where there are working individuals, i.e. issues of business ethics and organizational ethics.

Organization - a group of people gathered together to produce a product, service or achieve a goal certain.

People find the issue of business ethics unrealistic and extremely delicate or luxurious by claiming that business cannot be ethical. If you think cautiously and guess about business ethics you will conclude without a doubt so.

Why should a business be ethical?

Ethics provides the basis on which the business world is understood. In the business world there are people who consider business, investments more important than family, common pleasures.

In fact the most successful managers in the world understand business as part of life not as life itself.

In the modern era of business an employee's day should not be divided into two times - working hours (where thought and breathed only for business) - off-schedule hours where it is good to think still for business and for something else of ordinary life. Successful managers nowadays they cure their relationships within the company or even with clients. They are effective and more successful when they project themselves into their ordinary life where they belong, even business. After all, business ethics is business itself in a human context…

Nothing is more dangerous for a business than a perforated public image. For this to prove plenty of surveys done with the public where trust in top corporate managers or large businesses has fallen drastically and one of the main reasons is the disconnection of them in the public interest. Regardless of the effect that the loss of confidence may have on the sales of business, without a doubt the image of this business is tarnished in several ways and can cause the state to react by changing the relevant laws or regulations.

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