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Experience of a guest lecturer in the Pilot Course at VGTU of Vilnius, CSB lithuanian partner

"In my part of academic course “Cultural studies in business” students were acquainted with wide notions of “culture” and “technology”. The notion “culture” involves in itself very different areas of creativity: scientific creativity, artistic creativity, social creativity and technological creativity. All these mentioned different cultural spheres we can analyze using various classifications as specific conceptual maps: contemporary science splits into hundreds scientific disciplines in which research objects and methods are specifically determined. Similarly contemporary art splits in many branches and movements and etc. The notion “technology” which directly is connected with the notion of “invention” was divided in three conceptual blocs: technology as material things (tools, instruments and etc.), linguistic-informational technology and social technology. Science, art and technology as different kinds of creative work are cultivating differently in democratic and nondemocratic societies. Each cultural phenomenon has its own technological dimension. These difficult and not always obvious relations between culture and technology were analyzed in the presentations (academic works) of students. These home works as well as discussions on topics of those presentations enabled students to gain deeper understanding about subject of the course.

Written by Associate professor dr. Edvardas Rimkus at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University VGTU, Vilnius (Lithuania).

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