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How do you feel when you creates

CSB project involved great lecturers who put passion and a commitment in carrying on the design and the preparation of the Pilot Courses, which represent the core activity of our whole learning process as Erasmus Plus partners since 2018.

One of these lecturers is Prof. Enriko Ceko who, always surprises us. Here below he expresses for our blog some key points of his participation along the last 2 years.

"When I got involved in the Cultural Studies in Business project, in addition to daily work and family engagements, I had on hand many different activities that required dedication, special care and time.

Among these commitments, are two or three projects for waste management, a commitment to politics and the preparation of two books of an academic nature and the collection and publication of the best articles I have written in the daily press, the revision of some lectures in several managerial subjects, etc., who have been my babies for these 2-3 years, for which I had to take great care.

However, I was attracted by the subject and the belief that really together with all the participants from different European universities we could achieve a worthwhile result.

I have previously encountered history, literature, gurus and approaches to cultural studies, thanks to several visits to the UK as a previous commercial officer of the British Embassy in Tirana, visits during which I had the opportunity to closely watch the British universities system and the real aspects of cultural studies, the specifics of cultural studies in business, as a leap from cultural studies to cultural studies in a more defined field, a special discipline, something new, unprecedented, almost empirical, which made me even more curious and even more self-seeking to do the best I could as part of this project.

Reverting with a lot of curiosity, again just like a teenager to the curiosities and age trends, among the arguments, reasoning, deductions and inductions of the great authors of the economic, social, psychological, ethical, political, etc. writings of Adam Smith, John Lock, Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Antonio Gramsci, Gustav Feuerbach, Emanuel Kant, and many others, before the opportunity to browse through the preparation of the syllabus and text of the course Cultural Studies in Business, which is already on the verge of publication, I had the opportunity to review, replenish, reconsider and re-evaluate my own views on what is our role in this world, what can we do more, what is our relationship with others, as researchers, as academics, as scientists, as creators of new horizons, perhaps even unexplored by others before, as people who look at reality differently.

At the beginning of the development of Cultural Studies in Business course with the second year Bachelor of Business Management students, of the University College "Wisdom", a period in which the movement of citizens was closed due to the pandemic of COVID - 19 , I communicated with a former teacher of mine, now elderly, who, after learning that I was dealing with, told to me: “You Enrico are lucky. Since you also deal with music and play the guitar, you find it easier than others. Think of it as an operetta. Do it with 15 acts (it was about the number of lectures), but make sure that each act serves to move on to the next act. Switch from minor to major and vice versa, play the chords, emphasized the melodic line. At the end, don’t forget to leave the path open for others who will study and read your book".

Indeed, I knew how it works in music but I had neglected it in creating Cultural Studies in Business subjects. I was driven by the thought and idea of ​​my teacher. It helped me to make connection between art and economics, between musical notes and economic situations, between guitar strings and different levels of depth in a subject, between the strength and tone of economic thought and the current state we are going through.

Throughout the course development with students I have tried to be as coherent as possible, even though the subject calls from the past, forces you to dig into the history of economic thought and seeks to reconsider and rediscover what others have said before to serve the students so that they do the same, but already according to their views.

I am fully convinced that all of us who are involved in this project have done the same and in this point of view, I find quite interesting the fact that almost all of us, although we did not know each other before, created a very good working group and cooperated with desire and passion to finally reach a valuable product and service not only for our students, but in general for academia, education, helping at creating the economic and business elite to our countries; this is exactly what is the best and most important thing of this project, which is in fact our common real and functional result.

We already have a syllabus, we have literature, we have experience, we have an exchange of ideas and views too.

I often say to myself: “Enrico! "You already have another baby."

Written by

Enriko Ceko, Lecturer at Wisdom University College of Tirana (Albania) and member of the lecturers team of CSP Pilot Course experimentation.

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