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How to Energize the Street and Help Develop Local Market – Between the Alleys of the Whisper


Tomás Cardoso Ventura, student of architecture of University of Beira Interior (UBI) of Portugal realized this paper for the CSB Pilot Course, one of the main Intellectual Outputs of the CSB project.


This project consisted of developing an artistic intervention proposal for a street chosen by the student in which was intervened freely, appealing to the sensations felt in the space, and how they can be better heard. To better understand the project, it is necessary, first of all, to understand how color influences spaces and those who visualize it.

Colors possess meanings of their own according to each individual, group, country or culture, relating them to feelings, behaviours, actions, experiences, environments or specific events in the past. As a consequence of this, the act of taking care through color is an individual process, considering the needs to each person and its different ways of reacting to color. It is undoubtedly necessary that nuclei be adapted to architectural and aesthetic concepts. Every color brings energy to an environment, so it all comes down to the amount of energy we intend to bring and assign to each space. With the little movement of people, and a relatively small width, Travessa do Cotovelo is a sheltered, quiet, and peaceful place and as such, a whisper drifts through the houses. A whisper that is expressed with the sound of distant cars, short conversations between the inhabitants, and the gentle breeze that drifts down the alleys, the atmosphere is not at all “stark”. With this, the project Between the Alleys of the Whisper aims to stage or expand the "voice" of this same dish, and the color is put here as an easy and effective way to "spread" that same "voice".

Download here the full publication.

How to Energize the Street and Help Deve
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