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How to improve the STREET MOOD during Covid 19 - project work by Ana Paula Siqueira-UBI (Portugal)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021


Thanks to a great Team Leader, Prof. Luìs Miguel Moreira Pinto and Prof. Ana Matos Lopes Fidalgo, students were stimulated to enter the topic of CULTURAL STUDIES in BUSINESS Project and design their ideas combining, from a side the actual situation with COVID pandemic which force them to stay at home and follow the lessons online and from the other side, their youth spirit observing the "empty and silent streets" our side their windows and doors.

The professors asked them to imagine and develop their creative thinking towards new possible business ideas.

This is the first article of a series of the "visionary students" of the class of drawing.

Project work by Ana Paula Siqueira, student of UBI University, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture for the CSB Pilot Course.


The object of the article is to relate and find solutions to dynamize and improve the streets of cities in the time of Covid-19 exclusively in the city of Covilhã in Portugal. This way, the article develops into three parts. The first one addresses the emergence of the virus and how we are currently living with the new changes, the preventive measures, and how this has affected the cities and public spaces.

The second part brings examples of cities in different countries that have adopted measures to stimulate the streets.

Finally, a context from Covilhã is brought and also an idea of dynamization in the street of that city. In general, it is to find new street plans in contrast with the pandemic, analyzing the best solutions for that people can frequent this space even with measures of distance. Comparing other ideas of dynamization adopted in other cities and countries. Considering these results, it is intended to develop, within the architecture studies of Beira Interior University, an intervention in the street of the city of Covilhã to promote the use and enjoyment of the city, its local commerce and attract people to get to know its tourist spots even in the context of the pandemic.

Download here below the PDF of the work.

Ana Paula Siquiera - COLORFUL STREET HO
Download • 271KB

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