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How to prepare a research, researchers skills and investigation tips by Wisdom University for CSB

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Prof. Enriko Ceko during the Learning Mobility in Covilhã at UBI University - Portugal, (November 2019), gave an interesting speech on "How to prepare a research".

Here below, the abstract and the PDF presentation.


Research skills are important for good research. These skills include gathering more information before selecting a course of action, understanding the level of the study, understanding the research design, evaluating and resolving dilemmas, etc. Good research starts with something that catches attention. A research idea is general enough to describe anything you might research. A research topic defines an area to research. A research setting and sample will emerge. About generating ideas for research projects, good ideas come from all kinds of places and sources of ideas: one that can be identified, one that is identified by an organisational sponsor, one that comes from the world... but we should make sure that it is relevant. About selecting ideas, they should meet the project requirements, to be relevant to any practical problem, and people should be interested in this project and it should be worth studying. Characteristics of good research topics should satisfy project guidelines, should be feasible or possible, should be relevant to business and management practice and findings/recommendations should be relevant to project stakeholders.

The most important element of a successful research is the development of attainable goals and measurable objectives under the SMART scheme. Purpose of the research should have been clearly defined. Research process should have been detailed. Research design should have been thoroughly planned. Limitations should have been frankly revealed. High ethical standards should have been applied. Adequate analysis for decision-makers is needed. Findings of the research should have been unambiguously presented . Conclusions should have been justified. Researcher’s experience should have been reflected. But, generally there are four issues to be addressed when a research has been handled.

Firstly, people handling research should take care about the level of study and involvement of mathematics and statistics.

Secondly, people involved in research should have a clear idea about relations between general picture and details of the issue to be studied.

Thirdly, people involved in research should make sure they follow standards, laws and rules of the research and are not emotionally involved at the final result.

Fourthly, good research comes from taking notes for everything related to the research.

Written by

Prof. Enriko Ceko, Lecturer at the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty at Wisdom University College of Tirana (Albania). For the CSB Project, participant in the Learning Mobility in Covilhã (November 2019).

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