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Interdisciplinary approach in Cultural Studies in Business

Prof. Marina Valentukevičienė, lecturer of Engineering and Ecological Design at VGTU of Vilnius, Lithuania, tells her experience about the participation in the Learning Mobility in Portugal in November 2019, and underlines the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in teaching subjects.

All professors and all students worked in close cooperation during the Learning Mobility Event of the CSB project which took place in Covilhã (Portugal) at UBI. They were involved in highly professional Master Classes of best practice that could be implemented in educational and scientific activities in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) as educational and scientific innovations.

We were extremely impressed with the open mind presentation given via Skype Conference by a very charming entrepreneur from Brazil, Dominique Magihaes, about her experience “to be who you want to be” and a self-sufficient analysis she gave to the audience. In my opinion this is the “must have” at any University, instead of giving all students some well-known information about all professional experience without any regards to creative inspiration of finding themselves the best profession ever.

The next lecture given by Professor Ljubisha Petrusevski (from Eurocollege of Kumanovo – Republic of North Macedonia) was dedicated to the novel approach of “lost and find in the city” and this topic is very important nowadays for the very young and lifelong learners. We used to use this practice till pandemic outbreak; it was possible to get lost in space with students and find the way back to university. We suppose to create some videos with creative industry about getting lost and finding in the city with future use for distance learning.

Visiting foreign countries and attending events always inspires us to move forward, with the well-done Master classes from VGTU Professor Vytis Valatka about ancient cynics’ philosophic approach extremely useful in nowadays society. Very emotional “place and space” topic about sensitive searching “where is your real home” was given by Jolanta Saldukaityte just to remind all students, together with Professors, the extreme importance of the family values.

Ecological Business is the core area in nowadays cultural society. We are using best practice with Erasmus Exchanges and local Lithuanian students for the Spring Semester 2020 at VGTU. According to my observation and student’s opinion we are adapting different courses according to nowadays needs to create a zero-waste sustainable society.

Using all the multi-tasking skills we have looked at it as a common solution to the competing claims of the different course types. For example, now, the course shows any combination of items from functions, situations, topics, tasks, different professional skill or interpretation issues. The list of functions will shift around to accommodate the function, and the tasks will have to take account of the practice at the trainees’ disposal for the performing of those tasks. No one element predominates; everyone has to shift to accommodate the others, and the end result is always a compromise between the competing claims of the different organizing elements.

By the end of this short essay, I would like to conclude with the proposal to use a lot of inspiring ways for educational novelties just simply using perfect collection of all Master Classes at Facebook CSB page created by CSB partner JUMP.


written by Prof. Marina Valentukevičienė, lecturer of Engineering and Ecological Design at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) - Vilnius, Lithuania.

For CSB Project, participant in the Learning Mobility C2 in Covilhã by UBI University – Portugal, (November 2019).

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