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Kaleidoscope: stimulating tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic - How to promote people's interest


Guilherme Terra, a student at the University of Beira Interior - UBI (Portugal) wrote this interesting paper for the Output 2 of che CSB project.


With everything that happened during the year of 2020, people need to know if it will be safe again to walk in the streets after the pandemic is over. But it is not only safety that worries everyone, but also if things will be normal again, as if normal is a word that still exists in our vocabulary. We need to adapt to new realities while keeping our essence as human beings and accept possibilities of a new normal.

The objective of this work is bringing people back to the streets through tourism and exhibitions, by creating an open museum of color and change, after the COVID-19 pandemic. With tourism fragilized like it never was before, cities need to come together and create new architectural interventions that stimulate people to leave their houses after a long time of confinement and quarantine.


After the pandemic, the ways in which people use the public spaces will drastically change. It is rather a traumatic experience, having to keep distance from crowds and stay at home, not by option. It makes us think how to act in the future, who to let in, how to seclude yourself from others even when it is not needed anymore, just for self-security. All those questions are intimately related to the concept of space and how we’ll perceive it in the brief future, and as future architects, we need to think of ways to keep this big change as subtle and interesting as possible, for example, by creating interventions that encourage people to visit the streets and, at the same time, stimulate the local businesses by adding new spaces to profit on.

Business is one of the most important factors to keep a city functioning properly, and it is a field that was massively affected by COVID-19’s consequences. Since people cannot come to the streets and buy things in stores, local commerce is extremely weakened, and the base of economy fails to attend what it should. Solutions for this big problem are being searched on a regular basis, but they can only be applied once we enter the so called “new normal”.

The word Kaleidoscope, in its roots, is a noun that means “a toy consisting of a tube containing mirrors and pieces of colored glass or paper, whose reflections produce changing patterns when the tube is rotated” or “a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements”. The intention behind the production of this project is creating a space where people can merge into another dimension, another perspective of life, even if just for some seconds. The colors and reflections on the walls are made to inspire change and make people think about everything that happened in this conflicted moment we all lived together.

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