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Karl Marx vs. Architecture - The work of architecture students from UBI University (Portugal)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Following the article published yesterday by Prof. Moreira Pinto, here below we would like to share what students created as "homework" after following the experimental program which combined Drawing lessons and some modules of Cultural Studies in Business.

As described by their lecturer, students who were used to be taught of architecture so an already multidisciplinary, but technical, learning process, experienced for the first time some general lessons of economy and business, communication and management.

Furthermore, and it's the only case of our project, they could assist to seminars in English language by lecturers teaching in universities of Economy and Business in Croatia (University of Split), Albania (Wisdom University College) and a speech from a coach from Brazil.


We can admit that these seminars/lessons online have been one of the positive aspects of COVID19 pandemic because without the lockdown lecturers and students would have done their normal life in their places.

Here some of the works realised by the students of Prof. Moreira Pinto, which for the lecturers involved, demonstrate the fact that they enjoyed exploring other fields of learning and started to feel themselves "self entrepreneurs", making a jump into their future as European architects of the global world.

As CBS partners we wish to them the best future and we hope this experience, which has been a short pilot one, opened their minds and created for them new inspirational bases to re-start in September a 3rd year with new competences acquired and new ideas as "creatives"!

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