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Leadership and culture of educational institutions - The Croatian perspective

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Here below the abstract and the presentation of a deep research work by Nikša Alfirević, Professor of Management at University of Split - Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism (Croatia) in occasion of the Learning Mobility at UBI University in Covilha (Portugal) in November 2019 on behalf of "Cultural Studies in Business" project.


In this presentation, the role of culture and its relationship to leadership is discussed in the educational settings. After introducing the concept of leadership in education and his/her role, the empirical evidence is presented, on how leadership drives education performance,

as well as how it is related to culture of educational institutions.

Empirical results are related to OECD PISA studies, as well as the original empirical research from South East Europe, conducted at all levels of the education system.

Sources Managing the School: Principals as Managers, from a Palgrave/Springer book School Effectiveness and Educational Management

Abstract on SpringerLink

Full text (School Effectiveness and Educational Management: Towards a South-Eastern Europe Research and Public Policy Agenda):

School management innovation and principal support systems: toward the agenda for Croatian school reform - Taylor & Francis journal Economic Research/Ekonomska istrazivanja.

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