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Open the call for papers

of the "Journal of contemporary management issues" - deadline 29/02/2020

It has been published and finally is online, open to all lecturers and professors of Europe and beyond, the "call for papers" proposed by the "University of Split. Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism", Croatian partner of the Erasmus Plus K203 project "Cultural Studies in Business" leaded by "La Sapienza University of Rome" which sees the participation also of other four universities:

  • University of Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal

  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Eurocollege, Kumanovo, Republic of North Macedonia

  • University College Wisdom, Tirana, Albania.

The Team from Split is carrying on since years the "Journal of Contemporary Management Issues" (ISSN 1331-0194) - reference link: - and Cultural Studies in Business needed to produce the Output n°3 which is supposed to be a "journal" or a special edition of a journal collecting high level papers on this broad topic.

Thanks to the cooperation among partners and to the will of all to research and continue to work on the main reflection at the base of this project - how cultural studies and business can dialogue at academic level and find a common ground of knowledge sharing - it has been possible to launch this important action of the "call for papers" in the period December 2019 and February 2020. Partners are required to spread and promote the "call" widening their networks worldwide; each participant (lecturers/professors/deans etc) can decide internally who will propose a paper and in the last semester of the project (January - June 2020) an edition of the management journal is going to be set up and published.

A new challenge for the consortium of partners (six universities and a civil society organization) which is also a great opportunity to collect the best of what can be written at academic level as a final Output for all and for the future generations of learners.

The call is downloadable at the LINK !


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