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Partners multiplying the effect of CULTURAL STUDIES in BUSINESS! Innovation and European debates

On 11/12/2020 three partners organised a full day of events linking colleagues from other countries and developing a new model which we call "Hybrid" having the effect to connect people!

It has been a busy and a very full day last Friday thanks to Team Leaders who organised in the middle of the pandemic events to spread and disseminate the results and the intellectual outputs of CULTURAL STUDIES in BUSINESS project.

UBI University had already organised two Multiplier Events in 2019 so on Friday it was officially their last event, characterised by many speeches of speakers from all over Europe in order to raise attention on the importance of the topic of Cultural Studies related to management in Architectural studies. The University of Split and Eurocollege organised their second Multiplier Events more focused on the presentation of the Output 2 as proposed long term Master Degree Curriculum for new potential new generations of students.

Multiplier Events represent determinant moments of the Dissemination Plan of the project designed to be characterised by a series of other actions. Results are raised during the conferences and workshops but before and after there's a long term job of planning, contact making, communication, coordination, organisation and creation of documents, presentations. Furthermore, partners have the responsibility of what they produced so far and they are using all materials, outcomes and new contacts. Finally, Team Leaders are growing at professional level, improving their knowledge and language skills, widening their perspectives, opening their minds and maturing new project ideas. New connections, inspiration and more "food for thoughts'' for innovative lessons addressed to students who are choosing to attend and produce their works.

The coordination and the editorial staff of the project gave important guidelines to organisers and one of the main important one was to give voice to students as much as possible. The motto of the project is "students' voice counts!". And it happened! Students were present and could benefit from inspiring speeches, they could share their presentations and interact with important speakers and with their lecturers as peers.

Few months left to the end of the project and in January February 2021 other partners are organising their last Multiplier Events. The main focus of the last part of our learning and innovation process will highlight even more the future perspectives of the project. The Output 3, the Scientific Journal, is also ready and published since November so now the big challenge is to spread and promote its contents and the important articles written by the same Team Leaders and lecturers!

Lot of things still to happen on behalf of our CSB project! Follow us on our channels!

Here some of the pictures of Friday 11/12/2020 collecting key moments of the 3 Multiplier Events in a day!

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