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Second Multiplier Event at Wisdom University College - Welcoming speech by Dr. Erika Melonashi

The Associate Professor Dr. Erika Melonashi, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at Wisdom University College (WUC) of Tirana, gave a welcoming speech at the National Scientific Conference which took place at WUC on 4-5 Novembre 2020, as the second Multiplier Event on behalf of the CSB project.

Dear honorable professors, dear students, dear all,

Welcome to the National Scientific Conference: "The future of Europe and the Curriculum of Cultural Studies in Business in the framework of the Bologna process" organized by our University College Wisdom. First I would like to thank all the participants, colleagues of University College Wisdom as well as external collaborators, who contributed with their scientific work in this conference.

In the times we live in, talking about 'the future' and 'education' is not an easy challenge. Higher education institutions around the world have made colossal efforts to maintain quality in the education process, at a time when the external context has been radically transformed.

Throughout this process, we are becoming increasingly aware that in a complex, and ever-changing reality, traditional approaches limited within the discipline (whatever it may be) are somehow deficient, and unable to prepare our students for the real challenges that they will encounter. The duty of each higher education institution is to equip students with professional knowledge and competencies to face the increased competitiveness, in a labor market which is so dynamic and in many cases unpredictable.

In this context, the reflection of higher institutions on ‘multidisciplinary’ approaches to education is already necessary in at least three directions:

1. The structure of the teaching curriculum;

2. Scientific and professional training of the academic staff;

3. Pedagogical methods used;

Undoubtedly ‘Cultural Studies in Business’ constitutes a very qualitative first attempt of University College “Wisdom” to reflect on this contemporary trend in education. Multidisciplinary approaches, innovation and creativity are some of the distinguishing features of this subject program, which I personally consider quite successful in this first year of its implementation.

Of course innovative multidisciplinary approaches present many challenges, including the formation and worldview of the lecturers, the structure of subject programs, teaching methodologies, and especially the involvement of external actors (labor market and community). Despite these challenges, higher education institutions, in their mission, are the promoters of change, and as such they have a key role in building a worldview on education, vocational training, or socio-economic impact on the community.

Hoping to share with you some useful reflections, in conclusion, I again want to thank you all for participating in this conference and I would like to wish you success in the relevant sessions of the conference.

Thank you!

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