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Valorisation CSB project activities and results: Website, Facebook Page...good vibes and hard work!

The CBS project is moving on and, during the period of years (2018-2020), Team Leaders and lecturers from 6 Universities (4 from Eu Countries and 2 extra EU and 1 have contributed to raise awareness about the importance of Cultural Studies in the field of Business, participating in Transnational Project Meetings, Learning Mobilities, realising Multiplier Events and creating innovative Outputs. The process never stopped during all summertime despite of COVID19.

The JUMP Team from Italy, as editorial staff, designed the CSB website and is maintaining updated constantly the Facebook Page where all the news, articles, photos and interesting studies written on the blog by professors of the 6 University partners are collected.

Until now, since 2018, 132 articles have been published on the website. In the first phase of the project we decided to post studies in relation with politics, philosophy, religion, science, fashion and art because the economical processes in the world cannot be analysed without taking into account these topics.

Later, we focused on articles relating to the Multiplier Events, Intellectual Outputs, Transnational Project Meetings in Rome (December 2018), Republic of North Macedonia (April 2019) and Albania (January 2020), and to the Learning Mobilities in: - Rome (Italy), at Sapienza University from 24th to 30th March 2019; - Covilhã (Portugal), at Ubi University from 17th to 22nd November 2019.

We collected and published on the blog the presentations (about 30) which Team Leaders, coordinators and lecturers from Albania, Croatia, Italy, Republic of North Macedonia, Lithuania and Portugal gave during these learning weeks. Interesting points of view from different countries to deepen the debate on Cultural Studies and Business.

About the Intellectual Outputs, we spread news from each partner about the realization of the core activity of the project: the Pilot Courses in 6 different Countries. Each University, during the last semester 2019 and the first semester 2020, developed short experimental Pilot Courses which constituted a new curricular offer for students of transversal disciplines and faculties: Economy, Business and Tourism, Political Sciences and International Relations, Entertainment Industry, Business Administration, IT management and Architecture.

A short section has also been dedicated to the Coronavirus issue which has affected our lives and, of course, the way of making business and studying culture.

The Consortium, after a short summer break, is now ready to start again to work together to reach new goals and close the circle of this good collaboration. Unfortunately, the third Learning Mobility in Croatia at University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, scheduled for March 2020, has been postponed to November 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and we hope that everything will be fine to meet again and get on with this partnership.

Article written by Ylenia Azzaro member of Associazione JUMP - Gioventù in riSALTO, Editorial Staff of the Cultural Studies in Business project.

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