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Students feedback questionnaire to collect learners opinion. A fundamental process in EU projects

Good project leaders always ask beneficiaries about the quality and innovation of produced results and outputs.

It's almost finished the time for students to fill the "feedback questionnaire" launched by the leader, La Sapienza University, together with JUMP association, at the end of the development of the 6 Pilot Courses in each university.

The questionnaire has been designed to collect students opinions on teaching contents, methods and above all, on the level of innovation brought by the teams of lecturers.

The innovation aspect of our project is fundamental for CSB. Ours is an Erasmus Strategic Partnership project financed by the Erasmus Plus program in the budget line dedicated to "development of Innovation", it means that the main goal is to bring a change and create something new. In our case, a new proposal of a curriculum on "Cultural Studies in Business".

Team Leaders asked to lecturers to cooperate inviting students to answer to some quick questions and results are going to be processed during the next week in order to have a report. Students feedback are extremely important right because they were involved in a new learning program which happened during one of the hardest and challenging period of our lives due to the COVID19 pandemia. The real learners of our project are in fact them. Lecturers have to improve their professional competences and research for them and to build their future professional careers.

Courses of this semester have been delivered online with new approaches, methods and a different management of time. For sure our project is already innovative since the beginning; students feedback will also give back some new aspects regarding their perception on European projects and the actual status of the university sector in terms of "digitalisation".

Coming soon the results! Stay tuned CSB readers!

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