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Students' voice counts. Again La Sapienza gave to a new pilot class the chance to be part of CSB!

During the month of November, the team of La Sapienza University implemented a new and extraordinary session of the "Cultural Studies in Business Pilot Course" (3rd edition in COVID time). 33 students attended and the program shows a further definition of the most important topics which La Sapienza University underlines, as key ones, for the future long term proposed "Curriculum" at level of Master degree.

We remember that the Pilot Course design was born on behalf of the European project, Cultural Studies in Business, financed by the Erasmus Plus Program in the field of higher sector (K203) with the main goal to improve the quality of education in Europe and increase competence-based learning around new emergent topics.

Like for the previous sessions of the Pilot Courses n° 1 in 2019 and n°2 in the first semester of 2020, La Sapienza involved very active students in developing their critical thinking. Distance learning is our actual reality and we had to adapt. It's not easy but students are developing resilience and they prepared their works on the most interesting topics for them, in agreement with the lecturers, so they deepen new horizons of their program studies being on 26/11 speakers and presenters of their power points.

It's always exciting to connect and present, it's like being on TV and you have to do more and more afford to meet the interest of colleagues and of those who are called to be evaluators.

Yesterday 26/11 the students, united in small groups, presented great works and we are proud of them. Being learners of a Pilot Course on behalf of a project which aims to design, test and propose a new long term Curriculum, doesn't happen every day. Lecturers worked before to propose something and you accepted to be part of an international learning process.

Congratulations to La Sapienza students and in the next few weeks we are going to publish their results and reflections around their experience. Stay tuned on CSB Blog!

The gallery of the online sessions of this 3rd Pilot Course are published here

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