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Teaching online the CSB Pilot Course during the COVID19 situation, the experience from Split

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Ivana Bilic, Associate Professor of Management at University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism (Croatia) and lecturer of the CSB Pilot Course, tells the experience of teaching the pilot course for the Cultural Studies in Business project, using online learning due to the COVID19 situation. She also explains what tools the Faculty uses for the purpose of the course.

Since we had just launched a pilot course for the Cultural Studies in Business project at the beginning of the COVID19 situation, and we were at the beginning of online learning, we were in a good position to switch online all the course. None of us, students or teachers neither, had previous expectations of how our classes course look like.

Our Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, as many other faculties in Croatia, use the Moodle platform for online learning. As teachers, we have already trained and have plenty of experience with the platform. This new situation confronts us with a new and deeper usage of that platform.

Personally, I had experience in developing a whole on-line course, just a few years ago. That particular experience led me to the approach that without high-quality preparation of teaching materials, videos - lectures, and all other materials, assignments, and tests, maybe it is very pretentious to call any web-based learning "online learning". Most of the COVID19 base online courses are more hybrids.

Each learning topic has PowerPoint presentations accompanied by explanation or recorded video lectures. In addition to this, we use to find appropriate academic or business articles related to the learning topic or even movies. Why not learn and have fun at the same time?

On a regular basis, we use to add TEDTalks which are related to the topic. A forum with two-way communication is also presented. We also use to assure some interactive ways of assignments to empower students understanding of reading and listening materials.

If students have an assignment related to the topic, the teacher reads answers and provides students with feedback or reflection. Tests and final exams, if needed, will be also organized through the Moodle platform.

Even this way of learning assures students and teachers more flexibility in a daily schedule. Professors can prepare and deliver on platform lectures, assignments in advance; students don't need to be present in the 'virtual classroom' at the particular time; some interaction and visualization will be more than welcome. So, in my personal opinion, on-line classes are very welcome to be performed in the future. I noticed that my students at other courses are more relaxed in communication and they ask more questions. Chat form is very good when you answer one student; others can read the answer and it is always there 24/h. We use WhatsApp chat. I have also enjoyed my online learning experience and I will appreciate it more with at least 3 in-classes lectures. It will be more interesting to keep knowing your students in person.

Good reading suggestions for online learning during COVID19 situation:

Article written by Prof. Ivana Bilic, Associate Professor of Management at University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism (Croatia). Lecturer on behalf of the "CSB Pilot Course" core activity of the Erasmus Plus K203 Project "Cultural Studies in Business".

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