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Technology and culture - The impact of smoking scenes in films on young people


Dovilė Šabanaitė and Vytenė Lopetait, students of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU), Faculty of Creative Industries, worked on this presentation for the CSB Pilot Course.


"Smoking kills" – the inscription on a packet of cigarettes proclaims, but it does not discourage millions of people around the world from burning a cigarette. Statistics show that the number of smokers in the world is steadily increasing, and the age of those who start smoking is dangerously young. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), smoking is one of the ten most common causes of death, with a steady increase in numbers. A large proportion of people start smoking when they are young. Recently, however, not only are smokers ages rapidly younger, but there has also been an increasing number of children or adolescents who, despite warnings from adults, are determined to try to smoke. Increasing smoking among children and adolescents and the use of nicotine products are of considerable concern.

The question is, what encourages children to try the first cigarette? What are teenagers starting to smoke and where do they see such an example?

Smoking in films is associated with the initiation of smoking and the initiation of smoking among adolescents. The link between smoking in the film and the subsequent actions of young people is proof of the influence of the films. Recent studies show that the decrease in smoking in films has led to a near-exponential decrease in the number of smokers. So the work will talk about researching how, why and what these media effects affect youth smoking.

Download here the full presentation.

The impact of smoking scenes in films on
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