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The 2030 Agenda: A reflection on the gender equality issue. A presentation by La Sapienza students


Margherita Di Gasbarro, Sabrina Izzo, Francesco Massari, Chiara Trulli, students at La Sapienza University of Rome, worked on this interesting presentation as a result of the CSB Pilot Course.


As stated by the Environment Directorate General of the European Commission, the Agenda is a commitment to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development by 2030 world-wide, ensuring that no one is left behind. The adoption of the 2030 Agenda was a landmark achievement, providing for a shared global vision towards sustainable development for all.

The 2030 Agenda was officially approved in 2015, on September 25th, by the members of the United Nations. Itconsists of 4 sections: • A political declaration • A set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (also referred to as SDGs), divided in 169 targets • Means of implementation • A framework for follow up and review of the Agenda.

It’s important to highlight that the 2030 Agenda integrates the three dimensions of sustainable development economic, social and environmental. The 2030 Agenda is also indivisible, which means it must be implemented as a whole: every single sustainable development goal can’t be fully achieved without simultaneously working on reaching the other ones.

Download here the full presentation.

Gender Equality in the 2030 Agenda
Download PDF • 1.17MB

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