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The Accursed Nature of the Economy - presentation at Sapienza University by the Macedonian partner

Dr. Ljubisa Petrushevski, during the Learning Mobility in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the CSB project, gave an interesting speech on "The Accursed Nature of the Economy" Here below the abstract and the presentation of his study.


The article deals with the philosophical, anthropological, aesthetic and economical aspect of the excessive object: the part that always slips and escapes the classical economic reasoning. This unknowable dimension of economic life whose occurrence cannot be predicted is the very reason behind all the economic activities. It ruptures the economic models and ridicules the concept of homo economicus. Being determined by the flow of energy it breaches any market equilibrium. Sovereign in nature, beyond accumulation or preservation of objects, it rests on precarious structures and thrives on destabilization. It is the background, the noise of the system, the parasite; the dirty, unclear, unwanted element in the economic relation between the subject and the object: the third man as Serres calls it; the noisy accompaniment of every communication; the interference and the filtering mediator that enables the perception of the larger picture of the general economy of life. The whole modern society is organized to protect itself from its violent intrusions. And although its circulation is termed as evil, it is still the crucial prerogative for the functioning of the system and the basis for the economical principle of non-violence. Unlike the economists who do not allow any unclear, blind spots in their theories, the artists’ works are primarily engaged in locating that out-of-sync revelatory spot that opens up the hidden nature of the object. That is why, as Franco Berardi famously said, in order to understand the world the economists should start reading poetry.

Written by

Dr. Ljubisa Petrushevski, Dean at Euro College of Kumanovo (Republic of North Macedonia). Participant in the Training Week in Rome (24-30 March 2019) for the Cultural Studies in Business project in the field of Erasmus Plus.

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