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The Future of Europe and the Curriculum of CSB within the Bologna Process - 2nd ME in Tirana

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

As anticipated in other posts November 2020 has been a month characterised by 2 Multiplier Events organised by our Albanian partner according to a strategy planned a long time ago. Thanks to the fact that in the Country the COVID emergency is not so hard as for Italy or Lithuania for example, the university could organise two meetings in presence, inviting high important institutions, students and lecturers at national and international level. During COVID time in reality we all also developed more the use of technologies so the partner gave the chance to connect and follow the streaming on facebook.

Here below the report of Dr. Irna Dobi, Head of the Scientific Research Unit and Foreign Relationship Office - Wisdom University College of Tirana (Albania).

"The National Scientific Conference at Wisdom University College was held on the frame of KA2 Erasmus plus project “Cultural Studies in Business” with the official title “The Future of Europe and the Curriculum of Cultural Studies in Business within the Bologna Process". The aim of the conference was to talk about the curriculum applied in Albanian Universities, the labor market requirements, its demands and perspectives. What is important is that the researchers, participants, and students were informed on the continuation of the CSB project and the information was disseminated.

In cooperation with Shareholders and Brokers of RE / MAX Albania and Kosovo, Besard Rusi, who brought an important message for the prospects and the labor market that universities should offer to Albanian students, he also emphasized the role of culture in the capacities of the students to be prepared for the labor market demands. During his discourse, Mr. Besard also stressed the importance of professional programs/curricula and teaching practices that UCW implements in cooperation with the RE / MAX Albania and Kosovo Offices.

A special guest and collaborator of Wisdom University College was Nensi Dragoti, executive director of the Albanian Education Foundation. Nancy brought to his discussion the importance of social enterprises, their need for people who are well rounded and have the proper education. He also talked about the challenges that civil society organizations are facing and the strategy to be pursued in order to achieve sustainability of organizations in collaboration with universities.

This conference had a variety of research studies with very coherent study methodologies and made the discourse among the guests very dynamic. This conference brought together the studies from all the other researchers from the universities of Albania, University of Shkodra, University of Elbasan, Tirana and Durres, which made this conference, come out with important final results to exchange debates and constructive discussions with each other. In the end the researchers were provided with certificates of participation and an abstract book with ISBN".

We furthermore underline that, La Sapienza University, in the person of our General Coordinator, Prof. Maria Cristina Marchetti, co-signed the mentioned certificates of attendance. This is an added value for participants to the conference who can get a recognition of the biggest university in Europe, leader of the project "CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS" and outstanding institution of the Higher Education European Area.

Albania is in fact considered partner Country of the Erasmus Plus Program, neither Program Country and, despite of the high level of internationalization, of all the affords to follow the Bologna Process in order to guarantee the European dimension of teaching and increasing quality, the Albanian university is disadvantaged at the moment in the access to EU grants and other opportunities.

One of the 8 key features of Erasmus are "Partner Countries" and our project included Albania and North Republic of Macedonia as geographical strategy, strengthening the cooperation and helping small private universities, not EU Members which are demonstrating their quality and value.

Here the full program of the conference.

Download • 620KB

Written by

Dr. Irna Dobi, Head of the Scientific Research Unit and Foreign Relationship Office - Wisdom University College of Tirana (Albania).

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