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The Growing Need of Cross-cultural Management and Ethics in Business

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

A very interesting Summary of the Publishing on January 2010 by Jolita Greblikaite and

Rasa Daugeliene From Institute of Europe, Kaunas University of Technology about the influence of culture at the Globalization Age.

Globalization is affecting the environment in which managers must function. Fast developments of technologies, growing competition, networks of enterprises are consequences of globalization. Different aspects of culture are affected by technological and economic change. Effective solutions are needed for enterprises.

Cross-cultural management and ethics help to take preventive actions and solve existing problems. Global managers are concerned with legal and political characteristics of countries, which are derived from their history and culture. The main task of cross-cultural management and ethics in business is to propose effectively and mostly adapted to situations decisions of problems. All must be done in a highly complex international environment.

Work in virtual teams, the difference in time zones, understanding and values in different cultures makes difficulties for managers. Appropriate solutions of cross-cultural problems may be effective knowledge management, effective management of human resources, virtual teams, and bi-cultural skills. Solutions may be made in different management levels of the multicultural enterprise.

Source: reserchgate

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