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The impact of technology on learning and education - a work by students of VGTU of Vilnius


Gabrielė Ivanauskaitė, Anastasia Negatina and Greta Gudaitytė, students at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) Faculty of Creative Industries - Entertainment Industry, worked on this presentation as a result of the CSB Pilot Course.


In recent decades, information and communication technologies such as smartphones, satellite systems, the Internet, personal computers, videoconferencing technologies and others have transformed everyday human life. They penetrated practically all spheres of human life– changed the specifics of many works. Modern man no longer needs to travel at large distances to transmit information, all tasks can be performed without lifting a leg out of the house. It is not necessary to travel to the library to read the desired book; in the mail that sent a friend a letter - all this very strongly contributed to influencing human literacy skills. As can be seen from the research examined by scientists, the influence of technology on society can be both positive – technology promotes the creativity of society, makes writing more efficient, etc., and negative – the use of technology weakens grammar knowledge, human demeanness and concentration. Thus, this presentation aims to analyse scientific literature and studies already carried out on the influence of technology on literacy.

Download here the full presentation.

Download • 1.33MB

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