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The "Manifesto for happiness" by Stefano Bartolini translated into Japanese

Stefano Bartolini (born January 22, 1952) is an Italian political scientist and professor at European University in Florence, Italy. He is the author of many books and publications. The article published on Tuesday 09 July 2019, by Sienafree, Talked about “the Manifesto for happiness and the debate about it in Japan.

The book by Professor Stefano Bartolini has ignited the debate in Japan divided between a traditional culture in search of inner balance and a society made of material goods at the expense of real well-being.

How can we recover happiness in a society that imposes frenetic rhythms without giving the possibility of establishing quality relations between people committed to accumulating only material things? Of this speaks “Manifesto for happiness. How to move from the society of well-having to the society of well-being ", the book by Professor Stefano Bartolini, professor at the Department of Economics, Politics and Statistics of the University of Siena, published by Donzelli in 2010, which has just been translated into Japanese.

The text, which had enjoyed great success becoming a best seller in Italy, had already been translated into French, Spanish, Albanian and English. Today the translation in the Japanese language. A real publishing case that has sparked a heated debate in Japanese society also via social media.

"I think the book touches on some delicate keys of this country - says Professor Bartolini - where the frenzy of work and of having more and more passes over to human beings and families, for the benefit of competition and a level of performance increasingly exasperated ”.

An evident contrast that the country of the Rising Sun lives in, poised between a traditional culture in search of balance and interiority and a current society stressed by a race to conquer material goods. Wellness sacrificed to the culture of well-being. "Is there not other way?" This is the question that the author asks himself, for years now focused on the theme of the culture of happiness in advanced societies that from November will spend a three-month visiting period at Waseda University in Tokyo to assess even more closely if the frenzy of having more and more grows or if someone starts to really look for happiness.

Sorce: sienafree. In the picture: Stefano Bartolini

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