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The plan regarding the future of CSB at Wisdom University College of Tirana

Here below the plan regarding the development of the core output of our project, the pilot course “Cultural Studies in Business” for the academic year 020 – 2021 at the University College Wisdom.

It is one of the priorities of the University College Wisdom to bring the latest and the best novelties in the study program curriculum, taking into account the needs of the society and the market requests. It is also crucial to present and make changes in the curricula to ensure and enhance the students’ knowledge and capacities. Therefore, the whole staff is involved in finding extraordinary beneficial projects, which has to do with curricula and capacity building.

"CSB Project" is a perfect example of the project needed by developing countries

such as Albania in order to learn from the European countries with longer educational tradition. Thus, the University College Wisdom appreciates very much the fact that it is a partner in this endeavour because it will benefit from the knowledge of the knowledgeable and highly qualified professors from the 5 other universities being involved like: La Sapienza University in Italy, Euro College from North Macedonia, VGTU Vilnius in Lithuania, University of Split in Croazia, UBI university in Portugal.

It is important to emphasise that in the pilot course titled “Cultural Studies in Business” are actually enrolled not only the students of the second year of Business administration, but also students from Finance and Banking, as well as students from the Scientific Master in Business Administration. To be underlined that we enrolled also students from the public university in Tirana thanks to dissemination activities held at the beginning of the project. The European cooperation is success bringing innovation and a team of lecturers working on behalf of the same goal. We are hoping that these students will succeed in the final exam which will be soon.

Therefore, we have decided to have this course as part of the study program in the Bachelor

Cycle for the second year students in Business Management. The course will be elective and will have 45 classes, out of which 30 hours will be lectures and 15 seminars. The course will have 4 credits. We cannot deny entrance to the other students, who wish to participate, but they will be granted only a certificate upon the completion of the tasks and duties required by the course prerequisites, which are proposed by the head lecturer and approved by the Head of the Department. The certificate will be issued by University College Wisdom and signed by the Rector.

In brief, this is the future of "Cultural Studies in Business Project" at University College Wisdom.

"Culture is not an initiative. Culture is the enabler of all initiatives”, is a quote from Dr.

Larry Senn who is a pioneer in the field of corporate culture. He founded Senn Delaney

(originally called Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group) as a culture-shaping firm in 1978. Today, Senn Delaney is the oldest, most experienced organizational culture-shaping firm in the world.

Article written by Mrs Lediana Beshaj, Executive Director of Research and Development Institute Wisdom of Tirana (Albania), Team Leader on behalf of "Cultural Studies in Business"Erasmus Plus K203 Project

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