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The third CSB Social Stream Report (July-November 2020) is now online!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The third CSB Social Stream, the report of the project communication strategy through social media analyzing the period from July to November 2020 is now online!

Thanks to the Facebook Page of the Cultural Studies in Business project, followers are daily updated, since September 2018, with updates, articles from the partners, contributions by university students and news on Cultural Studies, Business and Economics, Europe and other topics related to the project.

The editorial staff of the CSB website is responsible for the publication and also for content writing producing a lot of materials to be mainstreamed through the facebook page and shared in many other groups and pages.

Numbers are increasing. More than 100 compared to the previous report and this is the most important statistic which means that partners are working well, disseminating results and giving their important contribution to the success of the project.

This report is interesting because it reveals where the people connect (Country and city) giving the geographical dimension of our dissemination power.

It furthermore gives important data regarding the gender of followers

We can say that CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS is a "female young project"! Better said, it's a project which reached young people and not just high level academics!

Many other interesting aspects emerge from the report so enjoy reading, it's of course, short and smart. Data are provided by the insights of the facebook page. It's a free service of facebook but our work is to collect, make graphics, spread and compare the period so we can evaluate our job as amplifiers of the project results.

The last CSB Social Stream Report will be released in February - March 2021 at the end of the project, collecting the data analytics the last period of the CSB project from December to February 2021.

STAY TUNED! ... and follow us on our social media.

Article and report realised by Ylenia Azzaro, member of the JUMP Team and of the editorial staff of this website and of the facebook page.

Here, the PDF version of the REPORT.

CSB SOCIAL STREAM - July November 2020
Download P • 3.50MB

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